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Our Promise – 100% Guaranteed Results

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As a longtime and well-known White Hat SEO firm, we run a fair system to ensure that you see measurable and measurable results for the SEO you do. Investing in our services means that, as long as you follow the advice of all our experts and the terms of our agreement with you, we will improve your Google ranking, or until we do Will work for free

You can expect us to improve Google rankings.

You’re working with us because you want your page to appear higher in Google search engine rankings. At the same time, we know you don’t want to waste money on unnecessary changes. That’s why we develop our recommendations and work specifically on areas related to each individual client and their website.

As long as the basics are in place, we guarantee a minimum improvement every six weeks (after the minimum expiration date), or we’ll work for free:

  • From Google unlisted to at least page 10.
  • Pages 4 to 10 to page 3.
  • Page 3 to page 2.
  • Page 2 to page 1.
  • Page 1 Position 7 to 10 Minimum position 5 to 6.
  • Page 1 Positions 5 to 6 Minimum Position 4.
  • Page 1 Position 2 to 4 At least 1 position.

However, as we often see ratings jumping two or more steps in a six week period, our guarantee is based on an overall measurement over time. When we have moved up more than one level in the past, we do not automatically become responsible for improving the next level within six weeks.

Small print!

To ensure that you can take advantage of our 100% guarantee, it is important to invest in the basics that will affect your ranking. Before we begin working on your SEO, we will conduct a free, in-depth investigation of your site to ensure that there is no work that could adversely affect our SEO work. ۔ This involves making sure that you have elements such as:

  • A landing page suitable for the freeze of your chosen target.
  • Quality content that meets Google’s length requirements with accurate, relevant LSI KPs.
  • Very fast page load speed.
  • A mobile-friendly design.

In addition, we will identify areas for which Google may penalize you, such as toxic link profiles, domain blacklisting, and other areas that will negatively affect your rankings other than SEO. ۔ We can then schedule a free consultation with you over the phone to discuss in more detail the specific SEO needs of your website.

The problems we face must be dealt with by you or by paying an additional investment to fix them. For the areas of work we do on your behalf, we will fully inform you how we will progress in each specific task. As soon as you have paid for the service, we will immediately begin work on the next steps in the process.

Note that if the reforms we highlight are not addressed, the guarantee will not apply because our work will not be fully effective.

If you have any concerns about our services, you may contact us directly during business hours by telephone number or via our email address.

As part of our service, we will also complete a summary audit every six weeks after the project has completed at least a 12-week period and advise you if you encounter further issues later. Will

We are 100% fully committed to the success of your project and there are processes that provide consistent success, but we need to make sure that no fundamental issues prevent you from getting the best results. ۔