What is SEO Your Complete Step-By-Step Guide

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Before diving down to understand hire seo company in uk? the first thing that we need to understand is what is search engine a search engine is a set of programs or is an interface where we can search web page results images videos and much other content just by writing certain keywords.

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A keyword is a phrase of text or, a sentence of the word that we write on googles search interface if you remember googles interface so on the top search bar certain words are written just like buy shoes online so the word by shoes online is called a keyword and the results which are coming are called as the web result the interface that we see is called a SERP which stands for search engine result page as google is a search engine and there we have searched certain keywords like buy shoes online and certain results are coming in front of us so add that too in a form of a page so it is search engine result page right.

what is the keyword

Guys if you’ll notice properly in the search engine the result which is coming in front of us there are two kinds of data which are coming the first is an ad as you can see there is an ad which is written on the left-hand side of the result that is called as an inorganic data just after that, it will notice the organic data starts where there is no ad return so in SEO with we would be working on that organic part of the contents like whatever stuff you will be putting and will be doing in the website it will help us to come on google page number one organically on certain keywords right we’ll be learning what is a keyword how to search a right set of keyword and how to implement those sets of keywords in our website.

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