LinkedIn Introduces Articles For Pages

LinkedIn Introduces Articles For Pages

In the past, affordable seo agency were limited in their role in publishing their content on LinkedIn. But recently, LinkedIn announced that it would introduce Article for Pages, which allows companies to create long-form content on their platform for the first time.

In addition, company pages can use LinkedIn advertising to create new features for live content and new campaign features.

LinkedIn is launching three new updates: Articles for pages, LinkedIn live events, and LinkedIn ads with different ways to measure and optimize brand building.

Articles For Pages

Users with personal LinkedIn accounts have always been able to create long content. Business accounts, on the other hand, had to adhere to a limited number of characters when publishing long articles. But thanks to the New Articles for Pages initiative, this is no longer the case. This new feature allows businesses to write and post blog-style content.

This feature also offers detailed insights from the audience, including reading other users’ orthographies and interacting with business content.

Other benefits of using articles for pages are:

  • Create and share fresh content by exploring important topics in detail using pull quotes, rich media, links, etc.
  • Start a community conversation in the comments section, such as engaging with a social post.
  • Attract LinkedIn users using professional content that they can read without having to leave the platform.
  • Encourage the target audience to click on the website link, follow the page, or download a resource.

How to use this feature:

  • Firstly, access the page’s “Content” or “Super” admin view.
  • Next, under the “Start a post” prompt, click “Write an article”.

LinkedIn Live Events

LinkedIn is also improving its “LinkedIn Events” and “Scheduled LinkedIn Live” products. The company is working to ensure that these features work together to make pages more accessible and more engaging.

The professional social network introduces LinkedIn live events, including live streaming with event planning. This simple experience allows businesses to:

  • Notify registrants and select Live Stream History page followers.
  • Present your live stream show in advance to your target audience.
  • Share replays of live stream content to reach a wider net of audiences and increase engagement.
  • Create views on the event page from any LinkedIn user, whether or not they clicked “Attend” during or after the live stream show.

The social media platform is also launching additional updates to Live Events, which will make it easier for LinkedIn users to access the feature. Some additional updates include:

  • Lead management integration with Zippier.
  • Extension of the registration form for events.
  • The ability for all page admins to go live after page approval.
  • A quick and automated review process for LinkedIn Live applicants.
  • Fewer followers are required to access LinkedIn Live.

Measure and optimize brand awareness through LinkedIn advertising.

There were three updates to LinkedIn ads that could help businesses achieve their branding goals and measure results. Here are three of them:

Reach the correction.

Companies can optimize LinkedIn ads for distribution to unique member accounts. Doing so will allow ads to be shown to new and relevant users instead of showing the same audience again.

Reach / frequency forecasting and reporting.

LinkedIn users can see the predictive reach and frequency for brand awareness campaigns using the predictive feature. Now they can also measure results through campaign manager reporting.

Brand lift testing.

This new feature allows businesses to measure the impact of LinkedIn advertising on their brand. This tool will measure the impact of LinkedIn ads on the basic line of brand perception. Later, it will test the effects again, this time using the key metrics of the baseline report.

Articles for pages help brands connect with the target audience.

According to company should make it easier for potential customers to find and join their community. This is the most important role that a business should play, especially in this emerging world of work.

The new features that LinkedIn is releasing are all geared towards this goal. Using virtual events, local long-form content, and data-based optimization tools, a business can be better equipped to differentiate itself from the pack, connect with its audience, and maximize its impact. ۔

Because Article for Pages is so successful and exciting, social and content marketers can use it to differentiate their LinkedIn accounts from other blogs and content channels. Posting timely and relevant topics is a great way to connect with someone’s target market. Marketers can also incorporate byline and perspective content, emphasizing individual feedback that can improve the relationship with the business brand’s audience.

Marketers agree that communication and empathy are more important than ever. Companies should not use LinkedIn articles for promotional purposes only. Otherwise, it will retaliate. When using this new feature, businesses should take their content as a relevant extension of their brand. This allows brands to separate these articles from other content channels, rather than interacting with their audience.

Furthermore, websites are not the best place to publish instantaneous or hot topic content. Most of the time, expert SEO companies create long-term, perpetual content on their websites. Pages Articles is a great way for brands to create and publish event-based, moment-to-moment articles. It also allows companies to be more responsible and more focused on current diversity and engagement events.

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