What is a keyword?

A keyword, or focus keyword as some call it, is a word that best describes your page or post. This is the search term you want to rank with a particular page. So when people search for this keyword or phrase in Google or other search engines, they should search that page on your website.

The Best Marketing Agency in Uk: It is very important to find a good focus keyword to rank your page. If you want to rank and get traffic you have to put in the time and effort into finding a good key word that is easily searched for on Google. You do not want to waste your time or money on something that will not work so research, research, research.

Let’s say you found a website about piano: you sell all kinds of pianos. You blog about what to look for when buying a piano, and you share reviews about the pianos offered at your online store. You sell digital piano so you have created a product category page about the digital piano. Ask yourself:

  • What kind of search term do you want?
  • What words do you think people will use in search engines to find you?
  • What would a search query look like?

Maybe [digital piano], right? Because this keyword reflects what’s on the page. What would it feel like if you had to define the bottom line of your content? What words would you use? This is your keyword or key phrase – if it contains multiple words.

The fact that we use the word ‘keyword’ all the time does not mean that it contains only one word. It often consists of several words. So when it comes to keywords, we often mean a phrase instead of just a word.

Why are keywords important?

What Google sees when ranking a page is the content on that page. It looks at the words on the page. Now draw a picture of it, if every word, for example, a blog post about digital piano is used twice, then all the words are of equal importance. Google will have no clue which of these words are important and which are not. The words you are using are hints to Google. It tells Google and other search engines what a page or post is. So if you want to explain to Google what your page is, you need to use it frequently.

But Google is not the only reason why key phrases are important. In fact, it’s less important, because you should always focus on the user: your visitors and potential customers. With SEO you want people to land on your website when using a particular search term or key phrase. You need to reach out to your audience and use the words they are looking for.

If you use the wrong keywords, you will never find the visitors you want or need, because your text does not match what your potential audience is looking for. But if you use the words people are looking for, your business can grow. So if you see it that way, your keywords should reflect what your audience is looking for. With the wrong keywords, you end up with the wrong audience, or not at all. That’s why it’s important to have the right keywords.

How do you use keywords in your pages and posts?

There was a time when you could add a lot of keywords to your pages and posts, fill in some old-fashioned keywords, and you could rank in search engines. But a text that has a lot of words is not pleasant to read. And since users find this type of copy awful to read, Google also finds it awful. That’s why fortunately it was difficult to fill in the keywords and rank in Google.

So what are the rules of thumb here? First of all, it’s important that your content is easy to read. Of course, you should use your keywords in your text, but don’t fill them in almost every sentence. Generally, if 1 or 2 of all the words in your copy are your keywords, you’re not overdoing it. Make sure they are well distributed throughout your text. Don’t think of all your keywords in the first paragraph as having completed this part of the correction. Spread them naturally in your page or post. Depending on the length of your page or post, use your keywords in one heading or one or two subheadings. And use it in your page title, first paragraph, and in your meta description.

Keywords are very important in internet marketing. A professional SEO agency doesn’t use Sammy keywords such as ‘Your website’ or ‘Your business’ but instead uses more targeted and helpful terms that are relevant to the product they are selling. We’ve always had experience helping small businesses in this sector, so if you need any help with improvements to your online presence, contact us today and see how we might be able to help you.

Now you have a common understanding of what a keyword and a keyword are. This knowledge will really help you in your keyword research, which is definitely the next and most important step!

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